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True Yoga Heidelberg

True Yoga Heidelberg
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Welcome to True Yoga, the only yoga studio in Heidelberg that has been ranked among the top 10 yoga studios in Germany and holds the number one position in the south of Germany based on review density, comments, and usefulness on Google.
At our yoga shala, you can experience the science of mind and body through hands-on and applied techniques. We offer a healing touch and clear guidance to help you restore balance in your life.
The True Yoga Method ® takes you on a transformative journey that brings about positive change in your life. What sets us apart is the collective spirit of our community that makes you feel right at home.
We don’t just offer yoga classes. We offer life-transforming opportunities that will help you grow as an individual.

Now, the question is: Are you ready for change?

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True Yoga Heidelberg began organically in 2015 with yoga sessions at Neckarwiese in Heidelberg. Despite challenges, we persevered and now, in 2023, our community is growing. Our name, True Yoga, was inspired by respected yogis and gurus.


sthira-sukham-asanam –Patanjāi Yogasutra Verse 46 chapter 2.

A steady, well-balanced, effortful but comfortable asana (posture), along with swift and deep breathing, progressing with a concentrated awareness, is the instrument of experiencing the union (yoga) within.



Yoga Plan

True Yoga Heidelberg offers progress-oriented programs with limited spots.

True Yoga Plan 2024
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True Yoga Method®


True Yoga offers an innovative and progressive yoga experience backed by philosophy and science. We are known for hands-on support, correct adjustments, and mindful guidance, drawing on rich traditions and teachings of great master lineages. Trust us for a top-notch yoga experience.

Ashtanga Yoga

Traditional Yoga asanas with breath, bandha, and drishti for strength, flexibility, and meditation.


The science of breath, methods, impacts the nervous and vagus nerves, expanding energy and vitality.

Sanskrit - True Yoga Heidelberg

Sanskrit is the root language of yoga. Learning Sanskrit basics deepens yoga practice. Reciting mantras raises vibrations.

heart opening - true yoga

Yoga poses with controlled breathing stimulate nerves, detox, ease stress and balance mind-body.

Yoga Therapy - True Yoga Heidelberg

For beginners, recovery, pregnancy, and postnatal periods. Asana, pranayama, ayurvedic principles and yoga nidra.

Philosophy & Science - True Yoga Heidelberg

Yoga is a philosophy-based science of self-improvement, focusing on Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras.


Applying asanas, pranayama, bandha, mudra and kriya helps heal and energize.

Meditation - True Yoga Heidelberg

Inner harmony, traditional and modern techniques, resulting in a profound sense of tranquility and fostering creativity.

Ayurveda - True Yoga Heidelberg

The application of Ayurveda principles enables holistic well-being through the practice of Yoga, enhancing longevity and vitality.

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10:39 04 Mar 24
My favorite studio. The flows are varied and make me forget time. The rooms are inviting... and cozy - I just feel comfortable there 🙂read more
Isinsu TekinIsinsu Tekin
18:58 19 Feb 24
As someone who's been practicing yoga for a while now, I can say that True Yoga... Heidelberg is a standout. Its atmosphere strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and serenity, creating an ideal setting for a truly fulfilling yoga experience. Situated in Neuenheim, it serves as a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling city, offering a much needed sanctuary from the daily hustle. Regardless of your skill level, if you're seeking a space to enhance your yoga journey, I recommend you to give True Yoga Heidelberg a more
Daniela StirbuDaniela Stirbu
14:03 12 Feb 24
To put it simply: one of the best decisions I have ever made ! I just love it... !!🧡🧘read more
Sadaf AlvaniSadaf Alvani
21:05 02 Feb 24
True yoga is literally experience of true yoga. The studio is very cozy and environmental... friendly. The atmosphere is great and friendly each person is respected and contribute to talk. Teachers are great and patient they correct you in each position.Manoj him self is friendly and a great more
Jane OliveJane Olive
18:16 03 Jan 24
Love the courses! Just a great atmosphere 🦋I can only recommend it to everyone!
elizabeth maalelizabeth maal
13:22 31 Dec 23
My class at True Yoga was wonderful for many reasons, first, the clarity and cleanliness... of the room and bathroom, every detail is carefully studied to make the experience pleasant. The class, I loved it. You can explore all the movement possibilities and understand your body in each practice. Additionally, if you want to advance a little further, you have the option of personalized classes. There is extreme respect for each person who attends the class and each teacher and it shows because everyone smiles. Additionally, at True Yoga we speak Spanish, English and German! Applause ❤️read more
Nadine HartwichNadine Hartwich
12:36 31 Dec 23
I can only wholeheartedly recommend this course, it made my birth a lot easier and was... also very good for me during my pregnancy. I always really looked forward to the course. It also made my back pain during pregnancy significantly better. Manoj is a very kind soul and he ran the course really well. Try it out!read more
Ronja FreundtRonja Freundt
10:52 31 Dec 23
Manoj is a wonderful and inspiring yoga teacher!
Madlen MebrahtuMadlen Mebrahtu
22:23 14 Dec 23
I began my yoga journey as a beginner at True Yoga recently, and it's an excellent place... for beginners. All my classes with Manoj have been fantastic. He is an amazing, attentive, patient, and clear instructor, providing a wholesome experience that addresses the mental, physical, and spiritual more
15:24 05 Dec 23
True Yoga is a unique yoga studio in Heidelberg where all classes are taught in English.... It is a great place for international people to practice yoga and connect with others. Manoj makes you feel welcome whether you’ve been practicing for a long time, coming back to yoga after some time off or are completely new. I have had a great experience at True more
10:55 24 Oct 23
I met True Yoga in Manoj's pregnancy class. I can highly recommend the course and other... courses! Manoj takes a holistic approach, is precise, focused but with ease. This allows me to get to know asanas much more closely and breathing is also very more
rosalba romerorosalba romero
18:04 23 Oct 23
Manoj is very patient and takes his time, even for beginners. Manoj's pregnancy yoga was... fun and helped me during my pregnancy. His breathing exercises helped me a lot. I'm looking forward to postnatal yoga :)Thanks so muchread more
Martina SchlautmannMartina Schlautmann
21:36 20 Oct 23
Five stars plus!!! The best yoga studio in town! I am absolutely thrilled and can... recommend True Yoga 100% with complete conviction. If you want to experience yoga holistically, you will find the best teacher in Manoj! No matter what level or age... Manoj responds individually and sensitively to each individual! Supports, corrects and motivates in his very friendly and respectful way. I just feel completely happy and satisfied after every yoga class. Thank you very much ❤️ and Namaste 🙏🏼read more
Natalie CNatalie C
12:19 19 Oct 23
I started at True Yoga a few months ago as a yoga beginner and immediately liked the... atmosphere there.Manoj welcomes you very friendly and openly and shows you the areas of the exercises that you should focus on in order to develop further and supports you accordingly.What I also find very positive is that, in addition to the exercises, Manoj also gives a lot of inspiration for the mental attitude.I can recommend True yoga without more
06:44 04 Oct 23
I had an incredible experience at true yoga yesterday! Manoj is very attentive and... patient and meticulously guided the session, ensuring everyone mastered every pose. His explanations were clear, making it easy for us to follow along. He also guided me through the headstand pose even though I was just a drop-in participant.The studio was very clean, cozy, and calm, providing the perfect atmosphere for self-care. I had an absolute blast and can’t wait to be back!read more
09:09 28 Sep 23
Couldn't write enough on how amazing and beneficial Manoj's yoga classes were for me... 😊!As a complete beginner, I joined the pregnancy yoga classes and felt at the right place from the first session. Manoj shares his passion from the heart very skillfully and make everyone feel cared for individually, even during a group class. He's attentive to every member of the group in a warm and relaxed atmosphere which brings a very positive vibe to the class. I can only highly recommend Manoj's classes!And for all the non-german speakers, the classes are given in English 😊read more
Olga KonstantinovaOlga Konstantinova
11:28 15 Sep 23
I recently discovered yoga, not only as a form of sports activity, but, first of all, as... a way of life. At the very beginning of your journey, you need to understand that this is not just a “tribute to fashion” - it is an attentive and careful attitude towards yourself, your body, getting to know it.... It is very sad that we pay so little attention to ourselves. In the pursuit of material wealth, people have forgotten that our main wealth is our body with its unlimited capabilities and our consciousness, as the crown of the ingenious structure of the human body.It is very important that the guide to the “world of yoga” is an experienced and qualified specialist who can correctly position the main ideas and clearly explain the essence of the process. I was lucky, because from the very first lesson I found myself with Manoj, a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person.P.S. If you want to change your life for the better, start with yourself - start with the “philosophy of your body” - start with YOGA!read more
Unai EzkibelUnai Ezkibel
11:24 23 Aug 23
Best Yoga north of the equator ! Love every session and really feel the difference it... makes compared to other types of yoga. Manoj is an outstanding teacher!read more
Nevena ProdanovicNevena Prodanovic
16:48 12 Aug 23
I strongly recommend True Yoga Heidelberg, it's a perfect blend of physical activity and... a guidance to a full mind and body relaxation!read more
Tiffany NakamitsuTiffany Nakamitsu
15:47 12 Aug 23
I visited Heidelberg from Seattle, where I am a Yogi with 15+ years of experience and an... ex-competitive dancer, and was looking for an authentic yoga studio. I was so impressed by Manoj's class as I truly felt like I had the mind-body connection that my self was lacking.Also, the studio is absolutely gorgeous (honestly, the prettiest yoga studio I've ever been to) situated in the heart of Heidelberg with large windows with the sun pouring in - which is a huge plus!I highly, highly, highly, recommend going to True Yoga Heidelberg (even if you're here on holiday and take just one class, like me. Manoj makes you feel so special!) and take Manoj's class, you will not be disappointed!read more
Nadja WidakNadja Widak
07:22 04 Aug 23
Trueyoga is an absolute recommendation! You feel totally comfortable and welcome from the... first second. Manoj is an incredibly good teacher and you will be accompanied individually. Even as a beginner you don't have to worry at all, everything is explained and shown to you in detail and you get specific help. Afterwards you not only feel great physically, I felt a great effect, especially mentally. You are much more relaxed the day after, but also more concentrated. Thanks! I will definitely come again! 😍read more
Judith GoJudith Go
07:01 02 Aug 23
"Welcome home..."I will never forget this sentence. The yoga studio was recommended to... me by a friend, this is where I really practiced yoga for the first time. In my first yoga (ashtanga) class, Manoj said to me, welcome home. It was a bit strange for me at first because I had neither experience nor did I know if I would continue after the first hour. After 6 months, looking back, I can say that he hit the mark with this sentence. I was looking for a yoga studio and found a home in the Ashtanga practice and this studio. Manoj has an open and incredibly warm manner with which he also leads the yoga classes. He attaches great importance to breathing, individual practice and a benevolent cooperation, so that it was the ideal place for me to experience and learn yoga as a holistic concept. Thanks a lot for this!read more
Jennifer GoetzJennifer Goetz
16:22 31 Jul 23
The best yoga class you can imagine 😊I started while pregnant and will... definitely stay with True Yoga after that and continue. It's incredibly fun, it's effective and you simply feel comfortable with Manoj. 5* and only to be recommended 🙂read more
Great and cozy yoga studio with kind and patient yoga teachers who motivate me to get... better every time. For me, Ashtanga yoga here is not only about flexibility and strength but also about building mental resilience and finding balance in life. Highly recommend!read more
Erika JureviciuteErika Jureviciute
16:23 11 Jun 23
I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga at True Yoga studio for a while now. Manoj is a great... instructor who created a beautiful space that is very welcoming, peaceful and inspiring. Manoj is very dedicated and attentive to every individual in the class, making you feel comfortable and adapting the practice to your own needs. He always suggested modifications when I had an injury so I was still able to continue with my yoga practice. I really enjoy classes at the studio, I always feel calmer and relaxed after the class. I definitely recommend this yoga studio for everyone who wants to continue with their yoga practice or to someone who wants to start, but doesn't know where to more
Lydia CarchilanLydia Carchilan
09:52 23 May 23
I started my practice here and have been enjoying it more than I had anticipated. Manoj... is very attentive and patient with new comers and makes each class a learning tranformative experience. Both my physical and mental health have improved since starting my practice and I truly recommend True Yoga to all yogis, (both newbies such as I or those who are more experienced). I never committed to anything long term, but this I see myself doing for a long time going more
Rangi FernandoRangi Fernando
18:10 21 Apr 23
By far the best yoga class I have been a part of during my time in Heidelberg. Being a... yoga instructor myself with an advance practice in yoga, I have taken many yoga sessions in multiple countries. Its safe to say that the session at True yoga by Manoj will stay in my memory not just for the practice but for the atmosphere & energy! I highly recommend this beautiful place to anyone in and around Heidelberg 🙂read more
Melis ErekMelis Erek
08:15 23 Mar 23
Practiced with Manoj while i was on a vacation in Heidelberg. It was one of the best yoga... classes i have ever been 🙏🏼 His teaching is traditional & smooth, loved the experience of breath & drishti focused yoga, you can’t find this easily in western world ☺️ Also studio was clean and big with a great atmosphere. Thank you 🤍read more